A Quick Look at Assembly

You’re probably wondering how I manage to get these arches to look so consistent. It’s actually not as difficult as it looks! Here’s a quick look at the steps I go through to get these arches put together. This one in particular was pretty fun, as it included some additional flowers that I had to┬ádesign the day of the event.

Step one: Inflate a couple hundred balloons

A huge pile of balloons ready to be placed into the design

Maybe this is an obvious first step…


Step two: Attach balloons into fours and set them in a line

This is the fun part… I have little rings that allow the balloons to be placed at 90 degree angles to each other. The natural depressions that appear between the balloons make a perfect place for the next balloons to sit, allowing me to make a spiral shape without any effort. The additional flowers added on top were pretty fun to make. I linked the four pinks together, tied five small yellows together, then attached the two colors with a handy white round.

A line of balloons ready to be shaped into an arch

Step 2 of my assembly process!


Step three: Set the arch in place and make necessary adjustments

The spiral inevitably becomes crooked partway through the end of assembly, and flowers have to be added to the correct location. Most of these flowers were put on after the arch had been erected, making it easier to ensure that they were oriented correctly. I’ll have to get photos of each part next time, so you can see my blue face after blowing up the thin and swirly balloons!

A finished spiral arch with flowers added on

Complete with flowers and swirls!