What Does an Entertainer do in the Winter?

As winter settles in across the Midwest, we entertainers all find ourselves with extra time on our hands. The days of 12-hour Saturdays are mostly behind us, as pumpkin festivals and Halloween parties give way to hibernation and preparation for the Holiday Season. While we’re never happy to have less work, our more available schedules do provide opportunities that aren’t available in the summer.  Training of new performers is often conducted in winter, so that they are up to speed when Spring and the 2015 busy season come upon us again.New products can be developed, new shapes can be learned, and new connections can be made. Rather than hibernate under the snow, I have three new projects I plan to undertake this winter.


A Balloon Show – Adding to our product line

A huge majority of my entertaining is making balloons for individual kids. I do some events where I have a group of kids that are all watching and waiting for a balloon, such as daycares and small birthday parties. I’ve developed some jokes and activities that make the kids laugh and enjoy their time. Next summer, I want to offer a deluxe birthday package that includes an entertaining show that integrates some larger and fancier balloons. Public events such as the local Farmers Market and 4th of July festivals would also be a great place to do a show. A script is in the works- keep an eye out for an awesome show!

New Balloon Animals – Adding to our product quality

A happy boy with a balloon ninja turtleAnother big part of being an awesome balloon artist is having an extensive repertoire and portfolio. My repertoire is wide, as I’m able to create almost anything out of balloons. In fact, I regularly encourage the kids to try to stump me or to ask for anything that they want. My repertoire does not have depth to match its width. I can make a lot of complex and fancy balloons, but my ability to freestyle complex 5+ balloon creations has room for improvement. Learning a handful of intricate designs can take a balloon artist a long way, especially if he or she is able to transplant several design techniques from one creation to another. Learning a complex tiger head can lead to breakthroughs in lions, cats, and other animals.

Expand Web Development and Marketing Skills

As a proud businessowner who believes strongly in his product, my ideal marketing mix would be strongly based in word of mouth advertising. As a pragmatic businessowner who is always determined to improve performance, I began tracking how each client I acquired was reaching our business. I found that a significant and surprising portion are finding our business online. At first, I received this news with disappointment: why weren’t more people that saw us in the community hiring us for parties? As I expanded our online presence to match these findings, I began to realize two things:

1. Customers may love our performance and our faces without knowing our names

Many customers that request our presence online are familiar with some of our faces and recognize us upon our arrival at events. Additionally, several people have seen many of our balloon artists without associating all of us together. As a result, they may type “balloon twister” into Google when that idea was given to them after meeting us in the community. This leads to business for us when they see and recognize our name, or see one of our performers on our website.


2. We have a whole new market we never gave just consideration

If customers are searching for balloon artists rather than specific companies, that opens a door for potential business. By being more present online than competitors, an opportunity to expand our market arises. By focusing on bringing in these customers that are open to any company, we will further expand our web presence while also increasing demand for balloon artists and our word of mouth potential.


Extended use of search engine optimization and social media techniques will prepare the business for rapid growth in the summer. When balloon artists and entertainers are in higher demand, there will be more searches, more calls, more jobs, and less time to work on our skills and marketing. We have a ton of practice in entertaining families and excelling at our jobs. We’re going to do a great job this summer no matter what happens. How often we will get to showcase those skills is truly the most important factor, so in many ways our off-season is when our time is the most important!

A Quick Look at Assembly

You’re probably wondering how I manage to get these arches to look so consistent. It’s actually not as difficult as it looks! Here’s a quick look at the steps I go through to get these arches put together. This one in particular was pretty fun, as it included some additional flowers that I had to design the day of the event.

Step one: Inflate a couple hundred balloons

A huge pile of balloons ready to be placed into the design

Maybe this is an obvious first step…


Step two: Attach balloons into fours and set them in a line

This is the fun part… I have little rings that allow the balloons to be placed at 90 degree angles to each other. The natural depressions that appear between the balloons make a perfect place for the next balloons to sit, allowing me to make a spiral shape without any effort. The additional flowers added on top were pretty fun to make. I linked the four pinks together, tied five small yellows together, then attached the two colors with a handy white round.

A line of balloons ready to be shaped into an arch

Step 2 of my assembly process!


Step three: Set the arch in place and make necessary adjustments

The spiral inevitably becomes crooked partway through the end of assembly, and flowers have to be added to the correct location. Most of these flowers were put on after the arch had been erected, making it easier to ensure that they were oriented correctly. I’ll have to get photos of each part next time, so you can see my blue face after blowing up the thin and swirly balloons!

A finished spiral arch with flowers added on

Complete with flowers and swirls!


Three Reasons for your Business to Hire an Entertainer

By Daniel McGuire

One of the primary ways that I service my clients is at public events. These can take on many forms, and applies to corporations, small businesses, and non-profits. We’ll bring in the families so you can bring in the business!

1) Stand Out

Check out the crowd we draw!

Check out the crowd we draw!

How many times have you tried to attract visitors to your booth or business, only to see them avoid your gaze and walk on to the next business? We can change that. Add an entertainer to your offerings and watch the visitors pour in. Daniel works regularly with some doctors at community events, attracting children and their parents to the booth and providing the doctors opportunities to solicit an entire family of clients.

2) Inflate your Business

happy kids balloonsMost of these events only last a day or a weekend, but the impressions in your clients’ minds last a long time. Families and children love our work and are always seeking it out. They’ll be happy to see us and form a good impression regarding your business. Especially in small communities, your business can gain some serious recognition that will continue to pay dividends for months or years to come. A great example is combining your family promotions with a regular entertainer who will encourage kids and families to come back and see us again!

3) Have Fun

The only people who will love our work more than the community is the vendors we are helping to support. Whether it’s an awesome face painter turning your team into the members of KISS or a balloon artist creating a flashy version of your group’s logo, the staff will be glad to have us there. We will handle the client interaction during the busy times and the staff entertainment when things slow down!