Three Reasons for your Business to Hire an Entertainer

By Daniel McGuire

One of the primary ways that I service my clients is at public events. These can take on many forms, and applies to corporations, small businesses, and non-profits. We’ll bring in the families so you can bring in the business!

1) Stand Out

Check out the crowd we draw!

Check out the crowd we draw!

How many times have you tried to attract visitors to your booth or business, only to see them avoid your gaze and walk on to the next business? We can change that. Add an entertainer to your offerings and watch the visitors pour in. Daniel works regularly with some doctors at community events, attracting children and their parents to the booth and providing the doctors opportunities to solicit an entire family of clients.

2) Inflate your Business

happy kids balloonsMost of these events only last a day or a weekend, but the impressions in your clients’ minds last a long time. Families and children love our work and are always seeking it out. They’ll be happy to see us and form a good impression regarding your business. Especially in small communities, your business can gain some serious recognition that will continue to pay dividends for months or years to come. A great example is combining your family promotions with a regular entertainer who will encourage kids and families to come back and see us again!

3) Have Fun

The only people who will love our work more than the community is the vendors we are helping to support. Whether it’s an awesome face painter turning your team into the members of KISS or a balloon artist creating a flashy version of your group’s logo, the staff will be glad to have us there. We will handle the client interaction during the busy times and the staff entertainment when things slow down!